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Donate today and be a warrior for the arts

Join the Foundation for the Performing Arts Center on our mission to elevate the arts in San Luis Obispo County. Your donation will support local artists and ensure that our entire community has access to the arts in a world-class facility.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Consider giving a monthly donation in support of the arts. A recurring gift makes an impact on our work all year long while being easy on your budget.

Do you remember the first time you felt goosebumps as you watched a live performance? Balanced on point, her arms stretched toward the ceiling of the Performing Arts Center, the previously boisterous audience sat silent and captivated in their seats.

At 17 years old, Sarah was performing before a live audience after multiple years of cancelled shows, shuttered venues, unemployed artists, and a world of people who had missed one another and the ability to gather as a community.

Today, we ask for your support. As we recognize the intrinsic value and power of the arts, we need your help to ensure that our local arts community can rebuild and flourish.

At the Foundation for the Performing Arts Center, our mission is to elevate the arts in San Luis Obispo County. Our efforts involve not only supporting local artists like Sarah, but also to ensure that our entire community is able to access incredible, inspiring live performances.

The Performing Arts Center serves our community as the hub of the arts, where we experience the talents of both local and internationally acclaimed musicians, actors and comedians. It is also where thousands of young students come to see live performances for free every year through the School Matinee Program.

Research tells us of the concrete impact that the arts have in our lives. They strengthen the economy and drive tourism and revenue here to San Luis Obispo County. They lead to more civic engagement and benefit our mental health.

The arts are about connection-- something we have missed in these last few years. They bring into vision the human stories that we all share, they deepen our understanding of others, and they highlight the beauty of life.

We hope that you will join us as a warrior for the arts. We are glorious as a community that rises to ensure the Performing Arts Center and the impact of shared experiences continue to lift and connect our collective spirits.