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Support Student Access to the Arts

Every year, thousands of students come to the Performing Arts Center to attend incredible live matinee performances for free. Donate in support of the School Matinee Program today!


Students of our Central Coast region have increasingly fewer opportunities to experience the arts. Arts programs are being cut from curriculum as many of our local schools struggle financially. Increasingly, schools cannot afford to take students on field trips or provide opportunities for students to experience arts and culture.

The School Matinee Program meets this local challenge. Thousands of students come to our Performing Arts Center to experience incredible live performances, all for free.

Student Matinees are entertaining and educational. Students encounter a wide variety of arts disciplines, everything from classical music to dance and theater. Matinees are connected to curriculum standards in the subjects of history, literature, science and more.

YOU can support access to the arts for students and all of members of our community by donating to the Foundation for the Performing Arts Center!